Join a Vibrant Community of Childbirth Educators


Call for Participants

Are you passionate about education and want to change the culture surrounding maternity care in your community? Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit? Do you want to become a part of a new, vibrant community of childbirth educators in Croatia and Slovenia? Read on!

Roda from Croatia, Indo Anai from Slovenia and Aperio from the Czech Republic are currently running an Erasmus+ project called 3P+. The project is developing a curriculum for childbirth educators who will run antenatal courses in their communities. A multi-disciplinary team from all three countries worked hard on the project, this is the first time it will be offered. We don’t know if we will offer it again in the next year, so this is a unique opportunity.

Our goal is to create a vibrant community of childbirth educators throughout Croatia and Slovenia who will do everything they can to help each other succeed. This will be a community of women committed to life-long learning and changing. Their mission is to help women get the information they need to make informed choices, without judgment.

We are offering you a free training program developed for this region (without copying foreign programs) by women from this region. Experienced teachers will help you gain skills you need to hold successful childbirth education classes in your community.

We are giving a lot, but are also asking a lot. Participants will have to work hard, stick to deadlines, be committed and bring their most positive self forward to help us test our curriculum.

If you’re still reading this and are nodding your head thinking – Yes! These are my people! – then download the PDF below to learn more about the program and the application process.


What We Stand For – Certified Childbirth Educators


Our Mission

To provide evidence-based education opportunities to pregnant families throughout Central and Eastern Europe by training and nurturing a community of childbirth educators.

Our Vision

A vibrant community of childbirth educators providing information and support pregnant families need to make their own informed choices.

Our Values

  • We facilitate a pregnant family’s personal process in pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum; each experience is unique and there is no right way.
  • We value the dignity and worth of every person and family, no matter how they define themselves, and provide them with equal access to support and information.
  • We value the normal, physiological processes of pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding.
  • We value our community of childbirth educators and work to lift each other up.
  • We value collaboration above competition, among colleagues and in our communities.
  • Giving back to our local communities is a core part of our work.


Dates and Deadlines – 2018 Childbirth Educator Training


Dates and deadlines


June 5th – Publication of Call for Applications

June 18th – Deadline to submit application form

June 18th – 22nd – Online interviews

June 30th – Notification regarding acceptance to the program

June 30th – September 20th – period in which you must complete the self-study unit

September 20th – deadline for reflection papers

September 26 to 29 – In-person training

Please note, all four days of the training are mandatory. Plan the day before and the day after for travel.

November 30th – Deadline for submitting final assignment


March 30th – Deadline for pilot training in your community and feedback

Mid-May – International Project Final Conference and Presentation in Zagreb and meeting for final feedback



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